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Blue Point Strategies has been providing financial and operational consulting, market studies, site selection, and construction consulting and construction project management consulting for over 27 years. Since 1984 we have provided advisory services to companies and individuals.

Real World Experience
  • Experience with large and small business
  • From making payroll to processing payroll
  • Straight talk for crisis management
  • Develop budgets and financial metrics
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Industrial Site Selection
  • Construction Services
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Management

Get help for your business with no matter what size or type of business you own or manage. Our real world experience in all kinds of hostile environments can work for you; from hostile takeovers to war zones.

Don't wait until your business is in crisis to get the help you need.
Contact us today for a free evaluation of your business. We'll help you find clear direction in these uncertain times. 
Blue Point Keynotes
Book Chris to speak at your next group or corporate event.
  • Visioning Success
  • Success Strategies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Start-up
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Creating Financial Projections
  • Creating Marketing Strategies
  • Using Brand Culture to Drive Business

Blue Point Publishers
Get books and workbook products to help you start or grow your business. Help with business start-up, business plans, sales, marketing, management, budgets, strategic planning, budgets, financial analysis and success planning. 

Law Firm Marketing
How to Promote Your Law Firm Without Looking Like an Ambulance Chaser

Business Start-up 101
From Great Idea to Profit...Quick!
Business Plan Template
How to Write a Business Plan
Writing Marketing Plans for Small Business



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